The Art of Joël J. Séguin
Process tutorial - comic pin-up.

I’ve been asked about my process recently, so here goes!

The first step in creating a page is getting your ideas down. If it’s just a piece I’m doing for my portfolio I might have something in mind. Just a flash or a feeling that I have in my minds eye. For me, that’s generally where my process begins. I’m not a guy who likes to do a hundred thumbnail images, I like to visualize what I want first and then just start sketching at full size.

So this is usually what my first attempt will look like. It’s fast and dirty and hopefully at this stage I’ve put down my idea successfully and I get the visual impact I wanted to achieve. This step takes about 5 minutes or less. (Sometimes more if I’m not getting what I want.)
Like here- I created another layer and started working on the construction of the figures a bit more to make sure they work—- along with doing a very fast background on another layer. Generally I have a really good idea of how I want the image to look when done, so this is all just prep work towards that goal.

If I’m happy with the composition, I’ll start working on the figures and go straight to digital inking on a new layer while keeping my layout layer at a very low opacity.

Next, once my figures are done, I’ll start thinking about the background in my detail. I’ll build up my perspective grid -

And then start working on the background on a new layer using the line tool.

and lastly I fill in the spotted blacks on the characters -

And it’s done! -

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask my anything!